lethargic, transparency, #SaveperfectionforInstagram

Sitting in Costa Coffee, listening to Chris Brown’s first album (his innocent days), the plan for today was to go to café to set the mood for blogging. But I’m a recovering lethargic. I have been for the past few months. I have draft filled to my ankles of ‘not good enough’ posts. They aren’t good … More lethargic, transparency, #SaveperfectionforInstagram

Regret Regret

  Jonathan Higgs, the lead singer, said that this song is all about regretting mistakes and wishing things were different. It’s about the the importance of the individual. It was based on the Alan Henning and the rise of ISIS, the power of one guys knife to another guys throat. The video is supposed to … More Regret Regret

Currency of time

  Originally written as part of series called ‘Women’s Wednesday’ on the amazing Gwendolyn Fiola blog. How sacrificial are you with your love? Okay, how about your money? What about your time? So something that’s been on my heart lately is time. The currency of time. I was talking to a friend over Whatsapp (if you … More Currency of time

War On Art

That’s it. It has to be it. Why on earth would the idea of writing another blog post be so daunting? Why else would a hobby that I like so much become something of a chore that I don’t want to get around doing? My theory is that there is a war on art, against … More War On Art